Saturday, June 24, 2017

If I could explain

If I could explain this day
map out this tree
each twig and branch
The sun flecks sparkling
as the breeze dances each leaf
If I could write a recipe
your warm skin
through your t-shirt
mixed in with
the hum of the city, the twittering of the birds, the rustle of the green world
blades of grass bending, crossing each other
springing back after a touch
If I understood the design of you that was inside of me
and your father
before you were born
and then how you flew out of me
into the world
like a magic gong ringing
to add to the perfect cacophony
If I could explain all this and and how it is happening a million fold
in each moment
then perhaps my poems would sell for a million dollars each
perhaps I could lead the worlds people through a new door
and explain away the laws that say it is illegal to be alive without money
perhaps I could hold my poems up like shields
to protect my people
I could fling them out like throwing ninja stars
that would cut through all the pasty lies
sever the thick cords of servitude, debt, doubt, disconnect
that smother so much of our world
wrap around us, our city, binding us to the cold loveless pavement
and holding us back from kissing our mother earth and our beautiful mud bodies.
oh perfect simple star light word
come to me
and hold my hope back up
that my people
will treat my people
with the love and magic and respect they deserve.

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