Friday, August 25, 2017

lullaby to humans

oh humans
this is a lullaby to you

Sweet humans don't you know to stop looking
for God
or Goddess
far away

There is no house to enter
no door to leave open
God lives in you
you are Gods home.
You are the arms of God
and the eyes of God
and God is in the arms and eyes of every person you see
brush by
or touch
God is in everything you see and and do
You sleep in Gods bed
You are wrapped in the Goddess cloths
fed by her plants
The breath of spirit comes into you with every inhale
flows from you with every exhale
Your body is as sacred as they come
every mistake you make
feeling you feel

The beginnings of time
are in the pain in your chest
in everything that feels right
and warm.
God is in the words frozen in fear
on your tongue
that long to come out
but won't

Feel the fear
the visceral fear
righteous anger that you were placed in this maddening
crazy puzzle world
and know
it is a magical blade of two sides.
because there is also nothing to fear
Nothing to fear in the dark
in the sweet end of the day
or days
end of years
or time running out
or the dog running loose
nothing to fear even in your children dying
or suffering
or the end of the Earth
the end of the Moon
or the Sun
moving to a place where the stars are not the same
God is there
is everywhere
everywhere you have ever been or will ever go
in this life
or after
there is no mystery
that is not in you
or some how tied to you
you all part of all that has ever been
or will ever be.

Oh humans
so caught in our torture
of each other
and our cages
and seprateness
so broken
and whole.
All will be forgiven
all is forgiven
because you are God
you are in God
and God is you.  

Sweet humans sleep a peaceful sleep now
because you are right
you are good
and for now the sun
that we know
and love
will rise tomorrow
and will again shine its love
our love
on us.

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